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Rachel Buckley Weddings is a Wisconsin & Maine-based wedding photographer transforming life’s most joyful moments into genuine, timeless images.


Today, with a style that is classic-yet-contemporary, and romantic-yet-relatable, we at Rachel Buckley Weddings craft wedding day galleries for elegant couples throughout Maine, the greater New England area, and beyond. 

I discovered at a very young age that photography was my one, true passion. I clearly remember walking into a friend’s room one day and seeing her walls covered in photographs of friends and family. I knew right then my life was changed. From then on, I started happily capturing all of life's little joyful moments that were passing by. 

By the time I left home for Savannah College of Art and Design to study photography, my bedroom walls were coated floor to ceiling with the smiling faces of my family and friends. I literally had more than 200 pin holes to fill when I took them all down! 

My intended path was commercial photography, but after a few years in the industry, I found that I craved more human connection, creative freedom, and the personal purpose . Just a short time later, a girlfriend approached me about photographing her wedding. I knew in an instant that -- after years spent hoarding wedding magazines -- the world of wedding photography was where I belonged. It was my life's greatest “a-ha” moment where everything just clicked. 

More than a decade later, I remain just as excited to document your wedding day, as I was when my friend asked me to preserve hers! Since I filled that first wedding gallery, I’ve continued to hone my craft, dedicating myself to preserving all manner of human connection while remaining true to the aesthetic of my film photography roots. Above all, I continue following my heart song – capturing joy.

Inspired by stolen glances, tender kisses, and grandpa’s surprise dance moves, we are driven to preserve all the moments -- big and small -- that make wedding days so much more than just the day you said, “I do.” Your wedding day is a unique celebration designed to commemorate the beginning of a new, thrilling chapter in your story. And we want to give you the chance to relive it all over and over again.

We pride ourselves on crafting balanced, immersive galleries that will allow you to view your wedding day from surprising perspectives and unexpected angles. And with our depth of experience, we are able to deliver a gallery that is reflective of your personality, not ours. And with a client experience refined through the years, we will bring a calm, reliable helping hand to your wedding planning team from day one.

I approach every opportunity to photograph a wedding day with an optimistic spirit and a grateful heart

Meet Rachel

Some people are lucky enough to stay connected to their roots while having the opportunity to explore. I am one of those people. I am fortunate enough to divide my time between the two places I love the most, Wisconsin and Maine. The breathtaking landscapes of New England and the warmhearted people of the Midwest continue to inspire my work and impact my uplifting, laughter-driven photography style. 
Whether I’m finding the perfect light at a private estate, incorporating the views of a waterfront home, or capturing joyful moments in a barn, I approach every opportunity to photograph a wedding day with an optimistic spirit and a grateful heart. 
And when I’m not doing my thing with a camera in hand, you can probably spot me planning my next road trip, blasting a broadway musical soundtrack, or digging into a bag of french fries while watching New Girl for the millionth time. 

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